Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with the University of Cambridge (BCMHR-CU)
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Conference 2007

Abstracts 2007

The abstracts of the 2007 Conference have been uploaded in the file below.


Programme 2007


Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research
in association with University of Cambridge
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Thursday 11th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
0830-0930                            Conference opening/Registration/Posters
Session 1
New Ideas in Bipolar Affective Disorder
Chair                       Prof Paykel & Prof Jones
0930-0945            Welcome and opening remarks       Dr Rashid Zaman
                                                                                                Prof Peter Jones
                                                                                                Dr Mark Agius
0945-1030            Prof H Akiskal [USA] The new classification of Bipolar Disorder
1030-1115            Dr Zoltan Rimmer.[Hungary] Treatment of Bipolar Disorder and Suicidality
1115-1145            Coffee
Chair            Dr Hunt & Dr Rimmer
1145-1215            Dr Giuseppe Tavormina [Italy] European Depression Day
1215-1245             Prof Martha Sajatovic [USA] Improving Treatment Adherence in Bipolar Disorder
1245- 1315           Dr Jesus Perez [UK] Early Intervention in Bipolar Disorder.
1315-1415        Lunch/Posters
Session 2
Psychosis International Perspectives
Chair                       Prof Pantelis & Dr Zaman
1415-1500           Dr Cyril Hoschl [Czech Republic] Metabolic Effects of Anti-psychotics
1500-1545            Prof Peter Jones [UK] Update on Epidemiology of Psychosis       
1545-1615            Tea
Chair            Prof Hoschl
1615-1645           Prof Eva Palova [Slovakia] Clozapine in First Episode Psychosis; A lesson from history 
1705-1805            Satellite Lecture : Prof Reynolds, Pharmacology and formulation, antipsychotics(sponsored by Janssen Cilag)
2000        Conference Dinner (Churchill College, provisional)
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Friday 12th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
Session 3
Outcomes in First Episode Psychosis
Chair          Dr Fletcher & Prof Alptekin
0915-1000            Prof Christos Pantelis [Australia] Neuroimaging in Psychosis
1000-1045            Prof Bent Rosenbaum [Denmark] The Danish National Schizophrenia Project
1045-1115      Coffee
Chair          Prof Jones & Prof Sajatovic
1115-1145            Prof Merete Nordentoft [Denmark] The Opus Trial; Is integrated treatment better than standard treatment for psychotic patients?
1145 -1215           Dr Mark Agius [UK] Results of Early Intervention Study Luton
1215-1330       Lunch/Posters
Session 4
Technology in Psychosis Research
Chair          Dr Pregelj & Prof Stefanis
1330-1400            Dr Sanja Martic Biocina [Croatia] Application of neurofeedback methods in psychiatry and psychology.                                                                                  
1400- 1430           Dr Rashid Zaman [UK] Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in Psychosis
1430-1500            Dr Sabine Bahn [UK] Genomics in Psychosis
1500-1530            Dr Marlis Herberth [UK] T cells as model for biomarker discovery in first episode psychosis
1530-1600       Tea
Session 5
Outcomes in Treatment of the Prodromal phase of Psychosis
Chair          Dr Agius & Prof Ulric
1600-1620            Dr Marijana Bras [Croatia] IRAOS in Psychotic illness 
1620-1650            Dr Brigita Novak [Slovenia] Prodrome vs Long DUP; effects of treatment in the prodrome?
1650-1720            Dr Marjeta Blinc [Slovenia] Ljubljana prodrome project
1730-1800            Satellite Lecture: Prof Jones, Minimising metabolic & cardiovascular risk in Schizophrenia:Diabetes, Obesity & Dyslipidaemia (Sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals)
2000                Dinner
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Saturday 13th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
Special Lecture
0930-1000            Prof Emeritus Eugene Paykel. Cognitive therapy in relapse prevention in Affective Disorder
Chair        Dr Markar                            
Session 6             
Trauma/PTSD and psychosis  
Chair          Prof Kucmur & Prof Zdanowicz
1000-1045            Dr Nela Pivac: Neurobiology of psychotic PTSD
                                Prof Dagica Kozaric Kovacic. Diagnoses and treatment of psychotic PTSD
1045-1110            Prof Ivan Urlic [Croatia] Trauma, Shame and the Psychotic Answer 
1110-1130            Coffee
Session 7
Genetics and Psychosis
Chair         Dr Parez & Dr Patel
1130-1200            Prof Nicos Stefanis [Greece]How do Schizophrenia susceptibility genes effect the general population?
1200-1230            Prof Koksal Alptekin [Turkey] Gene- Environment interactions in Schizophrenia.
1230-1300            Dr Peter Pregelj [Slovenja] How Genes act in Psychosis                      
1300-1400            Lunch/Posters
Session 8 
Medications and service issues
Chair         Dr MacInnes & Dr Agius
1400-1430            Dr Jesus Perez [UK] Long term effectiveness and tolerability of atypical antipsychotics
1430-1500            Prof Nicolas Zdanowicz [Belgium] The use of atypicals in adolescents and young adults with psychosis and pre-psychosis.
1500-1530             tea
Session 9 
Other Issues in Psychosis
Chair         Prof Jones & Dr Zaman
1530-1550            Dr Mamdouh El-Adil Pathways to Treatment in First Episode Psychosis [UK]
1550-1610            Prof Marga Kucmur [Slovenia] Psychosis: what it is and what it is not. (ethical problems)
1610-1630            Dr Tilak Ratnayake [UK] Outcomes of the Birmingham Assertive Outreach Project.
1630-1650            Milind Karale Choosing appropriate patients for home treatment team              
1650-1700     Concluding Remarks     Prof Peter Jones/ Dr Mark Agius/Dr Rashid Zaman
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Wednesday  10th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
Special Pre-Conference Satellite Symposium
Current Research on Suicide Behaviour in Hungary
Chair   Prof Zoltan Rihmer
Dr     Judit Balazs: The role of mixed depression and comorbidity among suicide attempters with a major depressive episode.
Dr     Annamaria Rihmer: Psychosocial and psychiatric characteristics of 150 suicide attempters in Hungary
Dr     Xenia Gonda, Judit Lazary, Gyorgy Bagdy: Association between factors related to risk of suicide: hopelessness, aggression, impulsivity and the 5HTTLPR s allele
Dr     Zoltan Rihmer: Declining suicide mortality in Hungary: what are the main causes?


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