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Conference 2011

Registration 2011


Cambridge/Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2011

Date: 8th - 10th September 2011
Venue: CRUK Cambridge Research Institute Lecture Theatre,
Addenbrooke’s Hospital site, University of Cambridge,
Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way,
Cambridge, CB2 0RE
Programme: Click here or download PDF
Delegate Rates: (includes attendance to whole conference, including coffee/biscuits/lunch)
Medical Students £40 Register as Medical Student
Foundation Year Doctors £40 Register as Foundation Doctor
UK Doctors £186 Register as UK Doctor
Non UK Doctors  Euros 200  Register as Non-UK Doctor
Conference Dinner:   £ 40 Register for Conference Dinner

Poster Presentation: 
Abstracts of posters can be submitted online here.
Abstracts should be of 200-300 words and submitted no later than 28th July 2011. 

For further details, please contact:

Dr Mark Agius,
Bedford hospital, BLPT, Weller Wing,
Kempston Road, Bedford, MK42 9DJ
Tel: 01234 299911, Fax: 01234 299912
Mobile : +44(0)7980659521
Email :

Organising committee
Dr Mark Agius
Dr Rashid Zaman
Professor Peter Jones
Dr Nadeem Mazi-Kotwal

Venue 2011


CRUK Cambridge Research Institute Lecture Theatre
Addenbrooke’s Hospital site, University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre,
Robinson Way,
Cambridge, CB2 0RE



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Programme 2011


Thursday 8th September 2011
Cancer Research UK, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s site
0815 - 0910 Conference opening/Registration/Posters
0910 - 0920 Welcome & opening remarks
Dr Rashid Zaman, Dr Mark Agius, Prof Peter Jones and Dr Patrick Geoghegan
Keynote Speech (Chair: Mark Agius)
0920 - 0955 Prof. Cyril Hoschl [Czech Rep. Ex-President EPA] The Use of Placebos in Psychiatry
The Robin Pinto lecture
Symposium: Bipolar Disorders: Neuroscience (Chair: Rashid Zaman & Mark Agius)
0955 - 1020 Prof. Thomas Frodl [Ireland] Neuroimaging of Mood Disorders
1020 - 1035 Dr Peter Pregelj [Slovenia] Gene/Environment interactions in Bipolar Disorder
1035 - 1050 Dr Giuseppe Tavormina [Italy] Somatic symptoms and the Bipolar Spectrum
1050 - 1105 Jasmine Ho and Saurabh Singh [Cambridge, UK] Treating Affective mixed states
1105 - 1140 Coffee
Symposium: OCD & PTSD (Chair: Giuseppe Tavormina & Mark Agius)
1135 - 1145 Dr Don Servant [Bedford UK] Audit of OCD in a typical British CMHT
1145 - 1155 Laura Darby [Cambridge UK] Comorbidity of OCD and Bipolar Disorder in a CMHT
1155 - 1215 Prof Eva Palova [Kosice,Slovakia] Commorbidity of Personality Disorders and OCD
1215 - 1400 Lunch/Posters
Symposium: PTSD (Chair: Mark Agius & Dr Najim Hallme)
1400 - 1415 Emily Middleton [Cambridge UK] Audit of PTSD Patients in a CMHT
1415 – 1445 Samar Musmar [Nablus ] PTSD in Palestine
 14.45- 15.10  Dr Anne Lindhardt [Denmark] Development of National mental health service in Denmark: Implications for treatment of schizophrenia
1930 Conference Dinner: Sidney Sussex College


Friday 9th September 2011
Cancer Research UK, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s site
Symposium: Schizophrenia 1 (Chair: Dr Pauline Roberts & Dr Jesus Perez)
0900 – 0920 Dr Krzystof  Krysta [Poland] Cognition in Dual Diagnosis
0920 – 0940 Dr James Kirkbride [Cambridge UK] Increased referral to Early Intervention Services
0940 – 1000 Andreas Hagianicolau [Cambridge] and Mark Agius [Bedford] Six year Outcomes in Early Intervention in Psychosis
1000 – 1015 Dr Rashid Zaman – [Cambridge/Bedford] Exercise helps Depression: Neurobiology
Keynote Speech (Chair: Rashid Zaman)
1015 – 1050 Prof. Peter Jones [Cambridge, UK] The impact of Research
1050 – 1120 Coffee
Symposium: Schizophrenia 2 (Chair: Dr Rob MacInnes & Dr Thilak Ratnayake)
1120 – 1140 Dr Barbara Bavdaz [Italy] Developing An Early Intervention in Psychosis service in Trieste
1140 – 1155 Dr Anton Grech [Malta] Genes/Environment interaction in the aetiology psychosis
1155 – 1210 Prof. Koksal Alptekin [Turkey] Social cognition in schizophrenia
Keynote Speech (Chair: Thomas Frodl)
1210 - 1240 Prof Eva Meisenzahl [Germany] Neuroimaging of Schizophrenia 
1240 - 1400 Lunch/ Posters
Satellite Symposium (Sponsored by Lilly)
1300 – 1400 Opportunities & Challenges in the Treatment of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
1300 - 1305 Registration
1305 - 1315 Welcome and Introduction - Prof. Cornelius Katona, University College, London
1315 – 1355 Making the Most of our Existing Antidepressants: Starting, Switching and Stopping – Prof. Christopher Hawley, University of Hertfordshire (UK)
1355-1400 Questions & Discussion
Symposium: Immunology and Depression 1 (Chair: Mark Agius and Nicholas Zdanowicz)
1400 - 1430 Prof. Norbert Muller [Germany] Immunomodulation as a therapeutic approach in treatment of Major Depression
1430 - 1445 Dr A M Myint [Germany] Gene -Biochemical interaction on immune - neurochemical systems in Mood Disorders
1445 – 1500 Dr J Steiner [Germany] Structural and morphological aspect of immune - kynurenines changes in suicidal patients with Mood Disorders
Keynote Speech (Chair: AM Myint)
1500 - 1530 Dr Carmine Pariante [London, IOP, UK] Neurogenesis and Depression.
1530 - 1600 Coffee
Symposium: Immunology and Depression & Psychosis 2 (Chair: Carmine Pariente and Norbert Muller)
1600 - 1615 Dr M Mühlbacher [Austria] Biochemical and immune parameters changes in different phases of Bipolar Disorder
1615 - 1630 Dr V Bergink [Netherlands] Monocyte mRNA signature on inflammatory response system in post - partum psychosis progressing to bipolar disorder
1630 - 1645 Dr Ben Baig [Edinburgh, UK] Relationship between Depression and Crohn’s Disease
2000 Dinner (Trinity Hall speakers only)


Saturday 10th September 2011
Cancer Research UK, University of Cambridge
Keynote Speech (Chair: Mark Agius)
0930 - 1000 Prof. Zoltan Rhimer [Hungary] Suicidality and Bipolar Disorder 
Symposium – Neuroscience (Chair: Prof Pradeep Nathan & Prof Chris Baeken)
1000 - 1015 Dr Vera Bubenikova - Valesova, Jana Puskarcikova, Jiri Horacek [Czech Republic] The effect of tandospirone on expression of NMDA receptor subunits and cognitive function.
1015 - 1035 Prof. Jiri Horacek, Jaroslav Flegr, Filip Spaniel, Tomas Novak, Tomas Palenicek, Vera Valesova [Czech Republic] Latent toxoplasmosis reduces gray matter density in schizophrenia but not in controls
1035 - 1100 Alex Kershaw [UK]Cambridge Bipolar Survey
1100 - 1125 Coffee
Symposium – Belgian Symposium (Chair: Prof N Zdanowicz, Prof C Baeken )
1125 - 1150 Prof. N. Zdanowicz [Belgium] Prediction of Health and Service Development
1150 – 1205 Dr S Herremans [Belgium ] The influence of one right-sided prefrontal HF-rTMS session on alcohol craving: preliminary results of a naturalistic study
1205 - 1220 Prof Chris Baeken – [Belgium] Lateralized effects of one dorsolateral prefrontal HF - rTMS session on approach and withdrawal related emotional neuronal processes 
1220 - 1240 Prof Ph de Timary [Belgium] Several lines of evidence may explain the difficulty of access to treatment of alcohol - dependent subjects
1240 - 1300 Dr D. Jacques [Belgium] - Simultaneous tobacco and alcohol withdrawal: intensity of withdrawal symptoms and clinical consequences
1300 – 1400 Lunch/Posters
Symposium - Telemedicine and Information Technology  (Chair: Mark Agius)
1400-1430 Dr Davor Mucic [Denmark] Telemedicine in Psychiatry
1430 - 1500 Dr F Spaniel [Czech Republic] ITAREPS Preventing Schizophrenia Relapse by information Technology.
Symposium: Attracting Medical students/new doctors into Psychiatry (Chair: Dr Hugo de Waal)
1500 - 1520 Dr Boris Jankov [UK] Training at St Andrews Healthcare
Dr A Metastasio [UK] Mentoring Scheme
1520 - 1530 Dr Rashid Zaman [Cambridge/Bedford] Attracting Undergraduates and Postgraduates to Psychiatry
1530 - 1700 International Competition: Best oral presentation by medical students & foundations doctors. Each presentation 10 minutes.
1700 Conference Summary and Closure

Conference Location
Cancer Research UK,
University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s Hospital site
Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QQ,



  • Ely Lilly
  • Janssen-Cilag
  • Lundbeck
  • Pfizer
  • Wesleyan Medical Sickness
  • St Andrew's Health Care
  • Ectron
  • Free University of Brussels
  • Catholic University of Louvein

We thank our Sponsors and invite you to visit the trade exhibition on site.


Conference 2011

Cambridge/Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2011
The biennial Cambridge/Luton International Mental Health Conference is upon us once again. We have a very exciting programme which includes experts/opinion leaders from around the world on number of fields in Psychiatry, covering neuroscience, clinical psychiatry, ethnic issues as well as medical students and Psychiatry.
We encourage you to register as soon as you can. The registration fees are low and are very good value.

8th - 10th September 2011

Further information is available here  PDF
Further information is available here 

Delegate rates
(includes attendance to whole conference, including coffee/biscuits/lunch)
Medical Students: £40
FY trainees: £ 40(Euros 90)
Delegates from UK: £ 186
Delegates from Outside UK: Euros 200
Conference dinner: £40


CRUK Cambridge Research Institute Lecture Theatre, 
Addenbrooke’s Hospital site, University of Cambridge, 
Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way, 

Cambridge, CB2 0RE 
Organising committee
Dr Mark Agius
Dr Rashid Zaman
Professor Peter Jones
Dr Nadeem Mazi-Kotwal        
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